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the Ø of November 2001
   nothing at ROOSEUM, Malmö's Center for Contemporary Art, 3 November - 16 December

nothing presents the idea of NOTHING as a substantial artistic subject. In the midst of a FLURRY OF DEBATES about the mathematical history of ZERO, artists also have a history of exploring visual, playful and philosophical approaches to the VOID, INVISIBILITY, and ABSENCE.

Yves Kleinís famous fabricated leap into the unknown, 'Le saut dans le vide' a major concern for artists in the 1960’s and 1970’s was questioning the idea of what we see before us. They examined the part that material qualities play in supplying evidence of an artwork that may exist purely in the IMAGINATION. Artists Robert Barry and Douglas Heubler made work that expanded the notion of sculptural space.

more recently artists have tested and parodied these works and ideas. Keith Tyson’s telepathic invitation to collaborate - resulting in a BLANK canvas and Pierre Bismuth’s blue wall a slightly different colour blue that you can’t see. These artists make PLAYFUL homage to Robert Barry’s telepathic piece, made in 1969, and Yves Klien’s patented colour International Klein Blue. Tacita Dean’s sound work Trying to find the Spiral Jetty is a recent recording of her search for Robert Smithson’s land sculpture in Great Salt Lake, Utah, USA, 1970, now SUBMERGED.

Ceal Floyer, Garbage bagcreative processes are often about making something out of NOTHING or NOTHING out of something. Ceal Floyer’s GARBAGE Bag, 1996, a bin liner placed in the corner of the gallery and Angela de la Cruz’s Nothing (Blue),1998 a scrumpled up canvas, contrast relative values of the material and the idea. Matthew Crawley investigates ideas of NOTHING. His work A Film of me HIDING in the bushes, 1996, which is just that, offers a PLAYFUL incite into the FAITH OF INVISIBILITY. By constructing a column in the gallery Gaia Alessi explores architectural INVISIBILITY and the value and description of EMPTY space.


participating artists: Gaia Alessi, Art & Language, Fiona Banner, Robert Barry, Joseph Beuys, Pierre Bismuth, David Connearn, Geoff Cox, Matthew Crawley, Martin Creed, Angela de la Cruz, Tacita Dean, Barry Flannagan, Ceal Floyer, Peter Fraser, Margarita Gluzberg, Gilbert & George, Liam Gillick, Kristján Gudmundsson, Graham Gussin, Hans Haake, Nancy Holt, Douglas Huebler, Dean Hughes, Alex Ingram, Yves Klein, Gerhard Lang, Jeremy Millar, Tatsuo Miyajima, Jonathan Monk, Gabriel Orozco, Victoria de Rijke, Hayley Skipper, Robert Smithson, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Slaven Tolj Keith Tyson, Sophie Weeks, Lawrence Weiner, Andrew Weir, Ian Wilson, Keith Wilson and Carey Young.

Curators for the exhibition are Ele Carpenter and Graham Gussin.

(text from press release)

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foreningen av ingenting -  association of nothing
foreningen av ingenting -  association of nothing
foreningen av ingenting -  association of nothing

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